Job Title Job Purpose Application DeadLine
MANAGER INTERNAL AUDIT a) Spearheading the development and implementation of internal audit, strategies, policies, and procedures to support achievement of organisation’s strategic objectives; b) Overseeing the preparation and implementation of risk based annual audit plans aligned to the organisation’s objectives for the continuous assurance on the adequacy and effectiveness of the organisation’s governance, risk management, controls processes; c) Leading assurance on business/functional and strategic objectives alignment; d) Spearheading assessment of the operational effectiveness of the design and functioning of controls across the organisation’s processes and recommending appropriate risk mitigation measures where necessary to ensure effective and efficient achievement of organisational objectives; e) Overseeing assurance on the accounting and safeguarding of the assets of the organisation; f) Leading evaluation of the economy and efficiency with which the organisation’s budget and other non-financial resources are employed to achieve intended objectives; g) Overseeing assurance for services and processes across various Huduma Centres where the organisation has presence h) Overseeing assurance on organisation’s compliance with applicable laws, regulations, standards, policies, procedures, government circulars, directives, guidelines, and contractual agreements; i) Overseeing preparation of audit reports for presentation to management and to the Board Audit Committee for decision making; j) Overseeing audit follow ups to ensure timely implementation of agreed corrective action plans; k) Providing of technical advice to the Board and Management on governance, risk management and controls to ensure sound business practices and continuous improvements in controls is fostered in the organisation; l) Serving as a link between the Board, Audit Committee and management by providing regular, thorough, and prompt communication on audit, risk management and compliance issues; m) Spearheading planning and execution of audit investigations and forensic audits in response to emerging business risks; n) Overseeing development and effective utilization of the Department’s budget to support achievement of the department’s objectives; o) Overseeing performance management in the department to ensure achievement of strategic objectives; p) Overseeing implementation of new tools and use of appropriate technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the audit department; q) Leading formulation and implementation of departmental Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to enhance service delivery; r) Spearheading implementation of the Knowledge Management Framework at the department to manage organisation’s knowledge as a strategic asset to improve efficiency; s) Mentoring and coaching internal audit department’s staff to unlock potential for optimal productivity and career growth; 2/7/2023 Read More

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